Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh WOW ~~ Bring on the CKC LO's..... Lovin' ~~

We are nearing the end of the month,
and I feel like I've gotten SO much done!!
YAY for productivity =)

So this LO is so funny.
This is the last page in the birthday SB
I made for my friend,
and I wanted the last page to be really special and sum up the
events of her birthday.

Well, I worked on the page,
added my title,
and left it on my desk and left the room.

Now generally this is the point where I hang up my work and then leave the room,
but not this night.

I came back in about twenty mins later to find that my 3 year old grandson
had added his own art to the page.

When I asked him about it,
he told me that he'd drawn me, him,
and the girls.

It was so sweet that I left it.
He loves these girls so to,
and I think this may be L's favorite page =)
Well I do love me some detail,
so Sir Cutenesses (my grandson) detail
is perfect for this page =)

Yes, more detail with some braided, twiney love.
Yes you read that right.  I braided it and then on the glue dot it went,
but this technique is NOT for the faint of heart, or the impatient =)

Amy Tan
'nuf said.

Oh be still my Sir Cuteness lovin' heart.....

I'm in a BPC class right now on Sketches,
and am lovin' it.
This is one of the sketches,
and it didn't lend itself to much detail.
So instead of adding a lot of extra stuff,
I chose to make detail out of what was on the LO.
So I corner rounded two of the four corners on my journaling spot.....

And I mixed up my title letters.
(Love this technique and do it a lot).
Look at that face =)

Here is another Sketch class LO,
and this one is my son and I and my mama.

Again with the twiney love.
Oh please, tell me twine never goes out of style =)

Oh and I took a journal card and cut it into strips for my journaling.
And some inky love in the corner.
Another fave. 

And some button, shinyness and sticker love!

And again with some mixed lettering.....
Not sure I'm in love with this mix,
but it works ok =)

And one more.....
Yes I was on a roll =)

This one, not my fave.

Pics I love.
LO, not so much,
but I went with it.
My details.....
to similar.
Lettering, the same.

I tried to add Washi love to tie it all together,
It didn't work so well.
But I love the people in it, and I just rolled with it.
Not so bad, I guess.
Just not my fave.
Have I mentioned that?  =)

So there you have it.
I'm hoping to use up most of the rest of my embellies this weekend,
as my paper stash is pretty much completed.
So looking forward to next months CKC.
Bring it!

Have a super Blessed and Beautiful, Crafty kind of day ~~

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's Have a some New CKC LO's Shall We? Oh Yes we Shall ~~

Have I mentioned how much I have loved
working with the July CKC?

Well I am just loving it!!!

Here are some more LO's.....

I have been using my Big Shot more and more,
and REALLY REALLY like it!!

On this LO I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die,
and then spritz the flowers and crinkled them, straightened them out,
and let them dry.

It gave them a lot of dimension.

i punched some squares out and turned them sideways.....
Hmm.... I like it.....
journaling on the sideway squares.....
yes, it works for me.

some inky goodness.....

i am a detail kind of girl.
i be lovin' some detail.

This is one of my fav's.
I won two heart dies from Karenscorneroftheweb,
and they are just beautiful.
One is the full heart and the other one is.....

this beautiful detailed heart that fits perfectly inside the negative part of the other heart.

more detail.

sweet detail.

And then this one
I am throwing in here.
It is a non-picture page.
When I do a gift Scrapbook for someone,
I love to have a cover or title page if you will.
Generally no pictures.
Just beautiful sentiments.....

heat embossed umbrella.

bradie love.

Thank you for visiting.....

Have a Blessed and Beautiful, Crafty Kind of Day ~~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's have another set of CKC July Kit LO's Shall we?

Why yes we shall!

Well, I am still working on my friend's Birthday Scrapbook.
I am almost complete.

This LO has so many fun techniques and dimension.

I love little details.....

And twiney love.....
Oh and Washi tape love.....
And Washi tape banner love.....

And my new favorite embellie.....
Twiney love wrapped around a pop dot.....

This LO is not my fav,
but it does use up some paper and elements 
I've had in my stash for a very long time.
So that is good.
And we can't have every LO our favorite right?

To help me like it better,
I took my Versamark pen 
and heat embossed the bicycle on the page.
So fun!!

And again with my fav homemade embellie =)

Add some chipboard buttons and a regular button (all old stash).....
some black inky dots and some pen work on my letters,
and suddenly I like this LO much better.

And now for one of my fav LO's lately.....
This pic just!!

I square punched some paper and turned them and put some fun elements on them.

Some more fun punchy squares with....
yes, my fav new homemade embellie.


These LO's were so fun and this birthday book is almost complete.

And I am using up lots 'O stash.
Puts me in my happy place =)

Have a beautifully, Blessed & crafty kind of day ~~

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's have a CKC LO Shall We?

So here is my first LO for July CKC using my kit.
I tried to do this LO without over thinking it.
I tend to completely over think things,
and sometimes that leads LO's taking in the hours to create.
I'm trying to streamline this process by embracing creativity
and just going with it.

And this is the result of that process,
that I love, by-the-way.

My kit is getting lots O' use,
and I will be taking more pics as my projects get completed.

Thanks for stopping by ~~
Have a Blessed and Beautiful, Crafty kind 'O day!!

Laying out Some Linky Love with the MaMa =)

Well, Since my Scrapbook Blog is pretty new,
I have never participated in Layout Love Linky with

So what is LLL you ask?
Well, these are LO pictures that haven't had their pretty papers
and pictures featured on your blog.

So let us get started.....

I threw a Pinterest Birthday Party for this pretty girl.
It was SO much fun!!
And I told her I would make her a SB with her pictures
from her special day with her family and her Pinterest Party.

I love details.

The top banner is one that was a very plain white paper with little black dots.
Well I inked and stamped and drew dots and lines with Distress Markers.
I love the result. 
Gave it kind of a wallpaper effect.

Lots O' butterflies!

This one is for my G-babes baby book.
I love these peeps so!!  =)

This ended up being a very important, life-changing day in our (my Mr. Winslow and I) lives.
The day we had to be rescued by Ranger Billy.
This was earlier in the day,
when all was still well.
Life can change quickly.

Love me some details.....

Thank you for stopping by ~~

Have a Blessed & Beautiful, Crafty Kind of Day ~~