Friday, January 24, 2014

@ 9 Months.....

Hi there sweet thangs!!!
I hope you are having a FABULOUS

Well this is week 2 of SSS
Monday Challenges for me.

This one was a little bit more of a 
challenge for me.
I find letter challenges 
a little tough,
only because I always
want the unique factor 
to find its way into my pages,
and with letter challenges 
I always seem to gravitate
toward the obvious.
Yes I am cool like that.

So I pulled out my CKC January kit
for inspiration 
and there was the "a"
i needed in the form of a big ole

This is my beautiful stepson's wife
pregnant with precious Ara
born January 16th, 2014.
Oh sweet mercy.....

Heidi Swapp's lovely,
(delicious really)

And my "a".
Yep a big ole @ sign.

Really didn't know what I was gonna 
do with said 
big ole @ sign,
but it is 
in this LO.

The lovely Alison Kreft camera.
Maggie hearts
Heidi Color Shine.

Enamel dots.

Chipboard photo corners.
Yes please.

beautiful baby belly.
Check, Check & Check.

Oh yes,
this came together 
quite nicely.
For this girl,
and her girl.

Thanks for stopping by,
and do please check out 
Monday Challenge.
It is the bomb diggity!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 

CKC Members Blog Hop

Welcome y'all!!!
If you are hopping along then you have come here
from the lovely Elaine.

But if not, 
please go to the CKC to start
and see all the wonderful work
you've missed.

The CKC posts 3 challenges through the 
and we choose which one we want
to do.  
I chose the stamp on PP challenge.

I am not really a stamper.
I own stamps
and stamp pads.
But I am not really a stamper.
So this was a challenge for me,
because I really don't stamp on LO's much.


I found these boys hanging out.....
get it....
hanging out,
he's on a tree.
Hahahaha.....I crack me up.....

I grabbed the blue box of CKC January Kit goodness
and got to work.

These clouds are from an Amy Tan
paper line.
I had a scrap of it and thought this would look SO cute.
One of the clouds had a little heart on it,
so I decided they all needed hearts.
So I went to work drawing each cloud its own heart.

And then I stamped.
This is a Gossamer Blue Stamp I believe,
and it is in keeping with my heart theme
I had going.
So I stamped it using Heidi Swapps new stamps,
and can I just say.....
But I heard it is a limited time only thing.
I hope that is wrong,
or that their so popular that she continues
making it.
It is archival,

A little sparkling Thicker title.....

Some little birdies,
some more stamping,
tiny staple,
And a cute boy.

I have been wondering what in the wide world
I was gonna do with this cute little deer.
Well, here where we hike,
you can almost pet the deer,
they get so close to you.
So I thought it was loosely related.
That's all the reason I need.

This hello was a speech bubble from Simple Stories
the Vintage line from last year,
but the little doo-dad that makes this a speech
bubble just looked weird with no actual speech
going along with it,
so I just cut it off.
Now see you wouldn't have even known huh?
Yep, getting the most out of my supplies people.
The most!
Hello mushrooms.

More cute birdies.....
and twine.....
and tiny staple.....

And voila!
I stamped,
I cut,
I oooed
I called 'er done.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Now hop on over to the lovely
and see what she's got for you.

And I hope you have a
Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's the Simple Things

I am having so much fun using up my
January CKC kit.
I love repeating items
like these tags 
and words.
vellum right now.

So for this LO
I have THE cutest of subject matters,
Yes, Sir Cuteness himself.

As I am looking at this,
I am realizing there is no journaling
on this page.
Sometimes it is just fine,
but I have a story to tell with this one,
so I will get that on there somewhere.
But this was us taking advantage of 
the Ding-Ding man.
(What we call the ice cream truck =)

He came around well after summer
on a nice warm day,
and Sir Cuteness heard him
and came RUNNING in 
and telling me to grab my money =)
I love him so!

They were out of Ninja Turtles,
so he had to get Spider Man.
He was just fine with that =)

It is indeed the simple things.

 I LOVE mixing my title.
Here you have 2 different yellow Thickers,
and then some tiny letters from....
yeah, I don't remember,
but I love them.

This picture is a little dark,
but I'm playing round with picture taking
and lighting.
I really wanted y'all to see
my white Heidi Swapp Color Shine
on this vellum.
It is scrummy y'all.
What is scummy you ask?
Well yummy and scrumptious,
of course.

Sir Cuteness,
you my darling child,
are my FAVE boy!! 

I have started really using my stash lately.
I have so many lovely things 
that just wasn't getting used,
like the sheet of paper that all these words came on.
I started cutting them out and 
On a page.
Novelist of ideas =)

And this is just a close up of our darling Sir Cuteness.
You are welcome!

I hope y'all are using up those kits.

Thank you for your kindness and support.
I hope you have a 
Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

100 % FUN!!!

So I asked myself some
questions at the start of this year
about how I wanted to blog 
and what challenges I wanted to 
participate in on a regular basis, etc.

Of course, I want to do a monthly kit 
with CKC blog.  
But I also thought about some of the other
challenges out there 
and which ones really spoke to me
and why.

Well, the one that kept coming to mind
and the one I decided to start trying to do
is the one over at Simon Says Stamp.
It is a weekly challenge that goes up every Monday.
The wonderful Ashli Oliver
is on the design team
and the equally as wonderful May Flaum
heads it up.

So I decided to really challenge myself and 
try to keep up with the weekly challenges.

This week it is an anything goes challenge.

Yep, what a great time to use
an over size,
big as your head % sign
that goes wonderfully
because of the oversize,
big as your head picture.

This is an iPhone pic 
blown up to an 8x8 
from Persnickety.
Seriously didn't have high hopes
that it would turn out well,
but oh my goodness,
it is FANTASTIC!!!
Look at his gorgeous face.
Our Sir Cuteness as the most beautiful
eyelashes, and I know you can't see them
here, but they showed up SO well 
in this print.

So the % sign is wood veneer,
ginourmous wood veneer!
So at first I thought maybe I'd try
Perfect Pearls to spruce it up.
So I covered it and embossed it with white.
Better, but still could see the PP
SO I embossed it again with the white
and voila!
I love the outcome!!
At first you don't succeed and all that.
Ya know...

And then of course Maggie.
Have y'all seen her new
Styleboard line coming out soon?
Yes, It will be making an appearance
here on ye ole blog.
I am certain of it!!!

Hey, thanks for stopping by.
Leave me some love
and follow me if ya'd like.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 

PL Week #2 -- Documenting

I hope y'all are doing splendidly.

I wanted to show you my PL Week 2 spread,
and also have a wee bit of a discussion
on something I've seen on a message board.

First off,
I only took 2 pics of my spread this week.
And as I'm looking at this one,
remembered that I am missing a photo.
double lame.
The reason for this 
is because I put this page together 
and forgot about my title bit 
there in the corner.
So put that together
and then went to put it all in their sleeves
and had lost this picture.
because it was right there with my other pics.

Well I looked everywhere I could think of,
and it still has not shown up.
So I reprinted and now this sleeve is not blank,
but I still haven't found this pic.

I think the studio fairies ate it.
moving on.....

I used bits and bobs from my January CKC kit
on this spread.
I love having my little blue box full of CKC goodness
that has come straight from my stash.
Yes folks, it rocks.
If you don't know what I'm talking about follow the link 
right up there
and check it out.  
It is fantastic!!

So on this page you see my title card 
in the corner with "Wk2" in white sparkly Thickers.
I'm gonna milk these stickers for all they are worth,
and then hopefully find some equally cool ones
to continue my PL this year.  
I like the continuity using a similar title
gives to the overall album, 
makes it come together, if you will.

Sir Cuteness being my personal stylist,
and snow boarding.

Then the two written pics you see there
are memory verses I've been working on.
They are my yearly Verse Isaiah 26:3
and my January 1 Verse, Psalm 32:7.
This will be a regular feature in my albums.
Then the bottom right is from my first ever
Persnickety Prints order,
which is also the missing picture.

Then here is page two of WK2.
Now I want to address something I saw 
on a message board,
where a lady asked if everyone documents 
only the good of the week
or if people document the challenging
or not so good too.

For me, 
I document both,
and the reason is 
that life is not perfect.
I want to be transparent here.
I deal with a lot of health issues,
but my God is able.

Sometimes these health issues
disrupt our weeks.
We deal with them
and move on.
I try not to dwell in the land of pain.
It's not pretty there.
So we deal with it as it comes.
It is part of our weeks
a lot of times.

So on this spread we have both.
Some good
some not so good.
Just keeping it real.

In the top right, 
I got to hang out with my girl
this week.
It made me SO HAPPY!!

And top right,
our winter has been winter this year.
In MO, we definitely get a mixed
but this year winter has NOT disappointed.
And because of that,
our dear Sir Cuteness has been home a lot.
For two weeks, he was home more than
he went to school.  
When he was littler and it was just
him and I
(before the preschool days)
he would have sink play.
Yes I know this may sound kinda strange,
but he LOVED
(and still does apparently) =)
to play in the sink.
He gets the soap out,
and the scrub brush
and here the dish gloves
and goes to town.

He gets himself and everything around
him a wet mess,
but I don't mind.
It makes him so happy,
and I get a clean sink
out of the deal.
Win-Win =)

More of the Persnickety Prints goodness,
and then here is where the
not-so-good comes in.
On Sunday of this particular week, 
my herniated disc started acting up.
I mean like shooting pain down my 
arm and seriously hindering everything.
It was hard to sit, stand, lay.....
Nothing seemed to help.
So my sweet man
went out in blizzard conditions
to get me a sling.  
Seriously so sweet.
So here I am,
bottom right,
hanging out
with no make up,
a tossled mess of hair,
and my sling.
It has been very painful.
But it is now starting to get better.
I'm so thankful.

So yes,
I document our week,
even the things that don't go 
just right.
I really want my PL to reflect our 
Our everyday,
loving Jesus
living life,
It is important to me.

Thank you for stopping by 
and keeping up with a really wordy post =)

I am linking up with Sami
right here.

I hope you have a.....

Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of day ~~ 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dream Big

Yes I am still doing regular LO's 
as well as PL.
And using my January CKC kit

Here are the girls
and when the Beautiful Miss A sent
me this pic,
I KNEW it had to make its way on a page.

Oh Maggie, Maggie.....
Old Collection
New Collection
no matter,
I love them all.
Can't wait for the new collection to come out.  
I will love it.
I've seen the sneaks.
Of course =)

Dream my precious girls.....

Dream BIG!!!
I so believe in you!!

So there you have it.
Thank you so much for coming by.
I hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 

PL.....It's Coming Right Along

Well Hello There....
I am so happy to tell you 
that PL is coming right along
in these parts.
I love it SO much!!
I REALLY didn't think I would
like it quite this much.
But it is just great.

let me just show you 
what's been going on.

I have been using some of my
January CKC kit to work on my pages.
This page is part of my Christmas pages. 
Yes the picture of Sir Cuteness 
that looks less than perfect
is one of the reasons 
I wanted to do PL.
This picture has quite the story,
but it may be one that 
I wouldn't have done a whole 12x12 page 
But it is just perfect for a PL page.

This page is my first official Week 1 page.
It is a learning process,
and I am really looking forward to seeing
how my pages will differ at the end of the 
year compared to the beginning.
But having said that,
I do love it.
Such a great way to document
and I can still be artsy.
I love that.

I've been watching a lot of youtube videos
and I love the idea of making sure you have
the week # documented.
so I will be including that in my pages.
See that "Wk one"?
Love it.

Lots of Thickers were used
in the making of this page.

Love this picture of Sir Cuteness
and his daddy.
And look at that camera.
Love it.

A little FaceTime action with me boy.

I added some wood veneer.
Check out this oversized arrow.
I used some Heidi Swapp rubons on it.
SO great!

Here is the 2nd side of the LO.

More rubons
and some Amy Tan paper.
And speaking of the lovely Amy Tan,
she is one that I've been watching on YouTube,
and I must say, I really like her PL style.

Sir Cuteness and I went to see Frozen.
If you haven't, 
Oh you should.
You really should.
And if you have a 5 year old to take with you,
it only enhances the experience.

And then this picture.....
Oh goodness.....
Yes, he was in time out.

Some more Amy Tan paper goodness,
and yes I am mixing core kits
with my stash.

 This is my 2014 goal page.
I will need to get the most of the journaling
done, but other than that this page is complete.

I am linking up to
Hop on over there and look at her inspiring
Week One.  

So there you have it.
My PL progress.
I can't wait to do Week 2.  
I am going to be working on organization 
between now and then.

I hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~