Monday, October 28, 2013

Monochromatically Speaking

So every once in a while,
I have a month that I just can't
seem to get it together.
October has been one of those months.
It seems that it looks as though I have taken
the month off.
Not so.
But it does appear that way.
I have done some LO's
and cleaned and rearranged my studio space,
and purged some OLD things out.
Yep it has been a productive month,
just not here on ye ole blog.
But all that is about to change as
I have four LO's to feature toward the end
of the month,
and our new kits will be up on Friday,
SO excited about that!
So LOTS of fun stuff happening.
Let's get to it.....

This bit of loveliness is pulled together
from my CKCB October Kit.

My FAV coffee spot turned 5 the 24th of September,
and they had a special evening of free coffee and pastries,
ANY free coffee and ANY pastry.

I took this pic on the way out the door.
And then when it came time to get this on a LO,
I chose to go mono.....
.....chromatic that is.

I NEVER do monochromatic LO's.  
I really LOVE the way this turned out though.
I may have to do this again.....
ohhhh with green.....
or yellow.....
or blue.....
or white..... OH dreamy white!
So many possibilities!!

Let me just say, my hair is NOT this red/purple.
It's the filter I used, but it's fun to go a funky color
even if it is just in a filter  =)
I am a brunette.
But red was fun.
Ok at least in a pic it is.

And these letters.....
They were a VERY pale pink that didn't go with
anything pink on this LO.
They were dull.
That was the biggest issue with them,
because the rest of this LO has a nice glimmer to it.
So what's a girl to do?
Well pull out Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Primrose
of course, and spray the dickens out of them!
Let them dry and spray again.
And do this over a 2 day period,
and you get a nice depth of color.
It looks red here.
It is not.
It is the most beautiful shiny depth of pink.

This 5 is all glittered out and it is from Thickers.
All I did was stick on the page.
No alterations needed.

Then I put a lone Maggie Holmes (yes, my BFF =)
chipboard sticker. 
All by it's lonesome, and generally I would add
a buddy, but I put it on top of a polka dotted heart
stamped goodness.
And decided no buddy needed.

This red hair.....
Look at this puffy sticker goodness.
And why yes that is more Maggie Holmes
And several frames.

So that's it.
Lots of yummy goodness in pink.
This page was fun.
Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 


  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Fun how you "fixed" your title letters (& your hair, lol)
    I love reading your blog - you have such a distinctive voice & I love hearing it :~D
    I think we will definitely have to meet at Scrapbook Generation the next time I am in Springfield.
    And I'll buy the coffee & pastry!

  2. There is no better monochromatic tone than pink in my book. Love your page!