Thursday, March 15, 2012

Promise Standing Mini

In the first week of "Scrap Your Faith" we were also suppose to do a mini
with verses in it.

Courtney Walsh did a mini on God's Promises and it really spoke to me
to have a little mini of God's Promises in my purse.

I had purchased this little mini from Etsy,
and when it arrived it was so tiny I didn't know what I was gonna do with it.
It has been in my stash for a long time,
but this is the perfect use for it.  

Here is the cover.....
I used pen stitching around my letters to make them POP!
(Something I learned in Field Guide).
I also added a banner and tied some baker's twine to it.
I love that look.

Here is a page that I really like.
I to the bottom off a tag and inked and distressed it 
and then added a verse.

There are several vellum pages in this book.
To this one I added this cute flower I stacked
and added a brad to for the center.

I have been learning so many wonderful techniques.
And this particular one came from the Counterfeit Challenge blog
The "dot" in the center here is
actually hot glue put out into a little ball.
I let it dry (only takes a minute or so)
and then put it in a baggie and added some
alcohol ink to it and it lightly colored my "dot" green.
I did some blue ones too.
LOVE this cheap and easy technique.

And I LOVE this verse.
It is one of my SSMT from last year.

Oh my, this flower takes me to my happy crafty place =)
The largest flower in the background was white.
I painted it with a Mr. Huey's mist
and then layered the other flowers on with a brad in the middle.

I love adding little elements to my pages that are simple and everyday 
like the staples on the acrylic ticket.
This is the first page I've ever added staples to,
but I LOVE it!!
I'll be doing this a lot more.
Now I want to get a teeny tiny stapler too =)

Some more of my little "dots".

I experimented with many different fonts while writing.
My pages are all handwritten,
but some of my pages are just a little different in the writing.
I just looked it up online and just wrote my letters a little different.
It gives the whole mini interest and depth.

Here is the back of the mini.
I haven't added anything to it.
It is so beautiful in all it's embossed beauty.
I may just leave it alone =)

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek at my Promise Standing mini.

Much Crafty Love ~~ dawn


  1. Dawn, it's just wonderful!!! I absolutely love it! You did a fabulous job!! :)

  2. Hi Dawn. Thanks for sharing your blog with us over in the Big Picture Class. I love your mini album (I noticed it in the gallery already). Looking forward to seeing more of your work.xx

  3. This turned out wonderful! Love your dots, great technique!!!! What a treasure to have! xoxo