Sunday, March 17, 2013

And Then..... The Photo Bomb..... =)

So I have been trying to take pictures
of my latest LO's
Like this one.....

This LO is a very important one to me.
This pic of my chucks were taken
with my mom at her most recent
Oncologist appointment.
My mom is a 2 time cancer survivor.
So Oncologist visits every three months and every six week port flushes
have become a regular part of our lives for several years.
So when our new Oncologist told us that she will have no more scans
unless she is symptomatic,
and instead of every 3 month appts,
we are going to every 6 months,
was such great news.

This page documents that,
and that card that says "Remember"
actually sits right underneath the photo,
and it has some hidden journaling about my
precious mama.

So I got the above picture amidst this....
my little photo bomber.  =)

He usually runs from the camera,
but on this day,
he wanted to be right in front of it.
I'll take it!

He even wanted to pose with the LO's.
So funny!!!
So CUTE!!!!!

This picture is my take on Challenge 2 for the CKCB.
It was the Vera Bag challenge, to use at least 3 patterened papers
on one LO.
I did that here using 3 Glitz Design "Color" line 6x6 sheets.

And more photo bombing.....

I LOVE this page!!!
And this is absolutely true.
Especially when our dear Sir Cuteness is here!!!

This page is about my recent surgery.
I had an Anterior Cervical Dysectomy with Fusion.
In short, it was spine surgery C5-6, 
but they go through the neck.
I decided to document this in our yearly album.
This will be a 3 or 4 page series.
Although it looks kinda icky here,
I'm doing good.
Battling muscle spasms being caused by a realignment of my spine,
because of the surgery,
but my balance is so much better,
and my energy is starting to come back.

I LOVE the Heidi Swap stamps.
The "Remember" stamps and the "today" stamp is Heidi Swapp.

And this guy was laying under the table I use to take pictures on.....
He is SO funny!

And then there was this....
Cutest little legs I've ever seen.
So sweet!!

And more photo bombing.....

And here.....
more photo bombing.
I LOVE this boy so much!!!
He is the BEST Grandson!!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I really appreciate you.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Crafty Kind of Day ~~


  1. some great pages and I love your little photo bomber. bless him

  2. Wow, girl, those are some deep and brave pages! Love your positive attitude and how you celebrate every milestone! And, your photo bomber is adorable!

  3. AMAZING pages! I love that you scrapped these moments!

  4. Love those layouts and such a cute little photo bomber!!

  5. Catching up with some reading today and I'm so pleased I stopped by. These are lovely, heart-warming, uplifting pages - you are so brave - but the post also made me smile thanks to the energy of a certain photo bomber!!!

  6. catching up on your blog today all the tid bits that you have in your stash! I know all about having SL stash, I still have some of their chipboard numbers in my stash! Hope you are still recuperating and I know it was a relief to hear the news about your mom while you had other stressful things to deal with! AAAHHH, the strong shoulders we moms have!

  7. Oh ha ha ha, I love all the photos of your little photo-bomber, that's fantastic! He looks like he was having so much fun! Great pages, I love the grid design you did with the Glitz papers for the Vera Bradley challenge. x