Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sushi Like a Boss! ~~ LO Love Linky

So a while back,
I did a page starter.....
kinda by accident.
I started it for a LO
and then didn't like it,
so I put it in my CKC this month,
and was determined to use it.

I am linking this to Ashli's Layout Love Linky
primarily because she was the first one I've ever seen
use an actual page starter.  

So here it was a a starter.
Yeah, I know.
Needs help.
I agree.

I loved the hearts
the sewing 
the mists and paints....
but it still needs something else.

AH yes!
That is better.
Some more aqua....
Yes that is much, much better.
So this definitely gave me a place to get going.

I decided to use a sushi picture from me and the beautiful
Miss A's favorite sushi place.
And because we have been trying to eat better,
we have not been eating sushi,
because of the white rice.
So I am really craving sushi 
about now.

I've already put in a request with the beautiful Miss A,
and she has concurred.
Sushi needs to be eaten,
we're gonna get right on that.....

And I am ABSOLUTELY loving
using tissue paper on my LO's.
I sew across the top of it,
then fringe it.
And yes, I fringe it with regular scissors,
and no, sadly I do not have Martha Stewart fringe scissors.

I do have it on my mental scrapbook wishlist.
Oh please tell me you keep one too :)

I fringed my tissue paper
and then heated it with my heat tool
to curl it up.
Well it wasn't curling very good,
because my fringe was too long,
so I sprayed it with water,
and heated it back up,
and just look at this cuteness.
Love it!

I usually outline my letters,
put polka dots on this 
just to make them stand out
ya know.
on this particular LO,
I like it just like this.
my bow on the "L"?
Yep it was actually a J,
(I was out of L's in this particular set of letters)
that I cut apart and made an L.
I added a sweet little twine bow to hide the line.
Shhhh.....our little secret.

I added this little journaling spot,
and another little bow.
called it good.

This page was SO much fun!!
Now excuse me,
while I go dream of eating 
Sushi Like a Boss!  =)

Have a Blessed and  Beautiful,
Crafty Kind of Day ~~


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I love all the little details you added to really take this from a starter to a finished page :) And, thanks for linking up at PurpleMailbox!

  2. Love that Fringe! Will have to try it on one of my layouts.

  3. Loooove the stitching and the fringe!!! I was able to find some fringe scissors online under the guise of "security scissors" for shredding documents. They aren't as pretty as Martha's, but they totally do the job! (and mine were $7, with shipping.) Thought I would pass that on....for your mental wishlist :)

  4. Love the addition of the turquoise washi to your starter layout...it make's all the difference! The finished product is a fabulous layout!!

  5. I love the added aqua, and that fringe is amazing! I too have security scissors which do the same job as fringe scissors! x