Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Petrii ~~ Let's Tell the Story

I have been thinking a lot lately about my nickname.
My dear Mr. Winslow gave me this nickname years ago 
when I was a very broken girl.
My life was broken,
a shambles really,
my heart was broken,
my body was broken,
my Spirit broken.
I'm so thankful for this man,
who showed me The Way.

I asked him why he ever gave me the time of day,
and he said it was because he saw something in me.
He knew there was something special in me.
I sure couldn't see it.
But he knew that God was gonna do a BIG work in me,
and boy has He ever!!!
I am still such a work in progress,
I don't even resemble the girl I was 16+ years ago.
The old is gone.
The New has come.
And I am  SO very thankful.

So the story of my nickname Petrii,
needed to be told.
And what had me thinking about it was my recent surgery,
and other recent events that have forced me out of my
comfort zone,
and have made me soar.

So Here is one of two pages documenting my nickname 
I love using the same picture in two different prints.
Here we have a black and white and a color.
Taken while recovering from spine surgery.
I mounted it on vellum,
and stretched the vellum over the cage,
and I just LOVE the look.
And the fact that I don't live my life in the cage
of self doubt,
self loathing,
pain & hurt.
Nope I am free.
Free to dance,
I am free to run,
I am free to live for You,
I am free!!

Love that song!

Here are some details.
Again, loving the Heidi Swapp stamps.

Usually on the chip board birdies I have,
I try to color them in some way, 
but this time I kept it just the chipboard and added some
diamond stickles around the edge,
and love it!!

Then these letters were all the wrong color,
so what's a girl to do?
Well get your Tim Holtz Distress Markers out of course =)
I love the way they turned out.
I outlined them in black when I was done,
and I popped the dots on the I's.

Here is the cage under the vellum.
Love it!

Here is the second page.
The over lay is Webster's Pages,
and the birdies you see here are embossed with sticky embossing powder
and then gold glitter added,
and then I put a piece of white paper on it and used my brayer
to go over it.
This protects it from flicking off.

Sweet little birdies.....

Tucked in side this washi wrapped envelly 
is the whole story.

These LO's were so fun!!
And I'm SO glad to have this story documented.
SO happy!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Crafty Kind of Day ~~


  1. What incredible pages. How very brave of you to tell the story here and in your pages. May God bless your obedience to share. May He continue to bring beautiful healing to your body and soul.

  2. This is so very lovely and touching, Dawn! What a perfect thing to document :)

  3. Beautiful layouts and beautiful, heart warming words :0)