Friday, April 26, 2013

Layout Linky Love, Heidi Swapp Love and a Question.....Hmmm.....

Well now April has flown by like I don't know what!!!
I have been very busy in the Paper Crafting World 
this month,
I haven't taken the time to get it on here
to much......
SO that is gonna lead me to a question
at the end of this post.
Until Then Let's Take a Look at this month's
Lovely, Shall We?

For this first LO,
I used my  CKC April Kit.
And I'm also joining in on Ashli's LLL,
Layout Love Linky.
My favorite cousin was in with her wee babes.
Well let's use that term very loosely
as her wee babes are now
18, 16, and 13.
How does this happen so quickly?!!

here is said 13 year old.
Ummmm.....Yes I did say 13.
Yes I do realize she looks as if she could be in college.
She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
And that hair!!
Oh my goodness.....
It is thick and naturally curly.
She is a Beaut inside and out.

She's also a dancer.
A beautiful Ballet dancer.
And a Contemporary dancer,
and an all around gorgeous girl.

Yes, Just Lovely She Is!

And then there was this.....

My niece went to her first Prom last weekend.
And she is her Auntie's girl, I tell you.
Silvery Sprakley Chucks with her Prom Dress.
Yes Please!!!
That's my girl!!  

I am putting together a Heidi Swapp Mini for Her.
I've been making LOTS of banners to use in this Little Mini.
Banners are fun embellies 
and so easy to make yourself.
I love to sew them together for lots of texture
and layered fun.
Here you see the top layer is popped up.
Not with pop dots, but using a little twine.
A little pen work to make that lovely title to stand out.

I'm just working along
like a busy little bee.
And I texted my baby Sis and Asked Her What
the Theme was for My Niece's Prom
and she writes.....
"A Night in Paris"
I had already added some "Paris" bits and pieces
to this Mini.
It just seemed to fit.
And then when she told me the Theme?
I was just thrilled.
So I sent her a pic 
of some of the lovely's I'd already added.
She was thrilled too!!
YAY!!! For listening to that Still Small Voice,
Yes, He certainly cares about the little things too.
Love that.

And I have also been participating in Heidi Swapp's Mini Album class over on her blog.
It's right here.
and It's FREE.
It is every Monday 
Is SO.Much.Fun!!
This Mini Album is chock FULL
of Lovely Pages to embellish and play with.
Like this one.
more handmade banners.

Week two was All About Quotes.....
This is a little stack of Quotes.
I love them.
Thank you Pinterest.
And lots of misting and masking on this one.

so now a Question.
Do y'all keep a Blogging Calendar?
What is the method you use to post regularly?

I have the BEST intentions,
and then the day gets rolling
and pictures don't get taken 
the post never gets written.
I want to be more purposeful.
I'm really wanting to post regularly,
even though its busy.

I got the distinct pleasure of being a Guest Designer
last month at CKC,
and I'd love to have more opportunities 
like that.
I also saw that Gauche Alchemy 
is looking for Design Team Members.
I'd love to be able to do something like this.
And I know posting regularly
is important. 

So what says you?
How do you do it?
I've been thinking more about
posting tutorials now and then.
Like homemade embellies
to save a little money,
and still get cute,
lovely bits for our pages.
I just LOVE things like that.
It's a HUGE part of my style!!

Love y'all!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Crafty Kind of Day ~~


  1. Love all of these projects!!! Thanks so much for linking up at purple mailbox too!!! Regarding the blogging question... I try to post every other day, there abouts. Every day is just too much for me and I find that blogs that I read that post every day - well... it just gets overwhelming for me to keep up. I don't do a schedule per se, but as I am working on projects for my blog, I have a general idea of when they will go live. For me personally, if I work too far in advance, I loose my gusto and excitement for the project and it tends to show in the post. I hope this helps!!!

  2. These are amazing! And, it's fun to catch the excitement in your voice through your words. As for my blogging schedule, the only things I have scheduled are my CKC posts. Everything else ebbs and flows. I try to post at least twice a week, but sometimes only post once and sometimes post four times. Hmmmm....maybe I need a blogging calendar. LOL!

  3. I really need a blog calender - I'm a very bad blogger most of the time!

    some really great projects here - pretty pretty

  4. Pretty pages - love the 2nd one especially. I wish I was more organised with blogging - I plan a week or so ahead then relax and end up a week behind!