Sunday, November 6, 2016

Coffee is Food - CKC Guest Designer Challenge

I am thoroughly enjoying my time as GD for the CKC Blog this month.
I have many more pages to post 
and a mini book, so be watching for that.

But today I am up on the blog with the "Favorite Meal" challenge.
So as I was thinking about this,
I got to thinking about my love for coffee.
I seriously could have a cuppa morning,
noon and night, but since that is not the best idea
I stick with mornings for the most part,
and sometimes an afternoon goodie like here,
and Monday night Bible Study,
Oh wait....yes I really like coffee. ;)

So for this LO I decided to go the route of coffee,
since it is a fav of mine, and basically a food group.

This was a particularly special day with my oldest girl
at a coffee shop about 2 1/2 hours from home.
We had Lavender coffee (yes that is a thang)
and Lavender macaroons (which is also a thang).
Oh my it was so good and pretty.

I tend to be very linear in my LO's.
I'm trying to break out of that,
so I added circles,
and hearts,
in a linear fashion.
Its just the way I roll.

#comfortfood indeed 

And there you have it.
Comfort food at its finest,
in the form of ye olde coffee bean ;) 

Thank you for stopping by,
and stay tuned for more to come this month.
Oh yes, I'd love to kill this kit.
Let's see how far I get.



  1. Cute and (delicious!) page about what I'm sure was a special day! I totally think that coffee should be a food group and I'm also right there with you on the linear thing...

  2. Pretty layout and yes coffee is a food group! I've had lavender tea and a cupcake with lavender in Tasmania...yummm.

  3. Lavender coffee sounds intriguing and as for lavender macaroons? I can almost taste them! Great page Dawn and I agree on the food group thing - except it's my British cup of tea that is most certainly its own group! What a fun page!

  4. Nice job - I love the 3 cups tucked up in the corner.