Saturday, December 1, 2012

Topper, Prompt & Manifesto = Fun Day!!

Well despite a sore throat, 
today has been fantastic!!

Let's start by saying.....
I'M LOVING Camp Scrap!!

Today May talked about making some pretties for gifts,
and since Sir Cuteness and I started his advent calendar today,
this gave me a perfect reason to do a little something special in his
Advent Gift tomorrow.....
a little package topper.

How cute is this?
I used a Mr. Huey's mask and misted a brown paper bag from Michaels,
and folder a die cut piece in half and added this little Crown beauty.
Sir Cuteness is gonna LOVE THIS!!

Today was the first day of Journal Your Christmas.
It was Manifesto day.

For Advent today,
Sir Cuteness got mini Moon Pies.
He was over the Moon excited!  =)

These next two are the photo prompt photo's for JYC today.
We were to take a pic of something that reminds us of early Christmas.
For me it is the craft show in a nearby town.
I generally go every year with my friend G,
but she couldn't go today,
so my dear Arielle when with me,
an old tradition made new again.
Love that!
My dear Arielle and I went to our favorite tea house for breakfast
and coffee =)
and then we were off to the local craft show.
It was so crazy at the craft show, 
that we couldn't even park,
so we opted to do some shopping instead.
It was so fun!!

This girl is such a Blessing to me.
We had the best time.
Look at this girl.
She is just gorgeous.
I want to do most of my pics for JYC in black and white,
but look at this blue wall,
I just couldn't black and white this one.
Nope, color it shall be =)

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful, Crafty kind of Day ~~ 

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  1. Looking great! Love the picture of your little guy :)