Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Just Smashing..... Simply Smashing!!!

So quite some time ago,
my son asked me to do a scrap book for him
of the items he had on his door when he lived here.

He is now 20 and no longer lives at home,
and I have pondered and pondered exactly how I should do this for him, 
well I decided a Smash Book would be just the thing.
And since there are lots of pages in Smash Books,
I have been able to add LOTS of pictures and extras to his book
along with things that were on his door.

I am determined to get this done by the end of the month.
It is quite doable.

And I used a lot of my goodies from my CKC for February,
and I am adding this to LLL (Layout Love Linky) over at the sweet 
Ashli's blog over at the Purple Mailbox.
Please do check her out.
She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!

He LOVES bottles,
so this is just a lovely page for him.

Yes, he made the paper several times 
over his HS Cross Country seasons.

And oh I got this little starburst
on a page and I used that little kite stamp
along with washi and twine,
and this adorable Kindergarten pic of my wee-babe.

He is gonna be so surprised,
this is a thank you card his
5th grade teacher gave him
for some goodies he gave her on Valentine's day.

And this boy has a very special relationship with his grandma.
They got their hair cut on the same day,
so they had to document it.

And oh do they have fun together.
I mean seriously.....
these two are all kinds of FUN!!!

Yep, there is that fun kite again,
alongside another fun stamp "Enjoy the Journey"

This is me a few years ago on Mother's Day.
He takes me to a fun new to us

This is something he had on his door.....
I am loving adapting these treasures to his book.
It is simply Smashing!!!  =)

Me and my boy at his Graduation Party.
Precious Memories indeed!!

And this is a LO I wanted to add to this post
because I am linking up to LLL.
I just love this one and this boy.
He is definitely a trip....
in a really good way!

Thank you for coming and visiting me today.

I hope you have a 
Blessed and Beautiful,
Crafty Kind of Day ~~


  1. Dawn! This is fantastic! I love that you are doing this book for your son! I also love that he wanted you to - how cool is that?!?! It looks awesome and so does your layout - you have been busy! Thanks for linking up with LLL :)

  2. Smashing!!! (Couldn't resist) what a great book for your son - bet he loves it!

  3. That is a smashing project - he will cherish it for a long time, I'm sure.

  4. What a wonderful book!!! He will LOVE that! And, kudos to you, and to him, for keeping all his treasures!

  5. what a wonderful gift for him - I'm sure he will adore it! And the layout is great too - the background of decorated polaroid frames is so clever - love it

  6. What a great way to preserve the photos and other bits 'n' bobs now that he's moved out! A great gift!

  7. Dawn this is fab, he's going to love it! Thanks for hopping over to Normandy today.

  8. love the smashbook! I like how you layered the LO! looks great!

  9. What a wonderful idea I bet he loves it too
    that last page is super and I would love the scraplift it please

  10. What a great book for your son, I'm sure he will treasure it!