Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY Bows - The Maggie Holmes Effect =)

In the Scrap Circle Kit I chose - My Favorite -
they had those GREAT Maggie Holmes fabric
bows.  And since I don't have any of those bows
I decided to DIY them.

I saw some tutorials on how to do them,
but in the end, just kind of did my own thing.

I first started with a strip of paper.....
Yep just a normal, beautiful, strip of double sided paper.....

I folded it in half.....
See that beautiful double-sided feature coming into play.....

Then I folded each side into the middle.

Then I took a small piece of the paper and turned
it to the other side and wrapped it around the center.


Then I took another strip of paper, just a little longer
than the bow.....
(Yep the other side of that double-sided paper).

Then cut banner type notches on either end.....

Then mounted my bow and top of that notched strip.....
and Voila!!!

And here are several DIY bows all ready to go onto my pages.

Now time to get a couple of these beauts on a page.

Stay Tuned.....

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Crafty, Kind of Day ~~

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