Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something Worth Fighting For.....

So there is a challenge up on the CKC Blog to make a page
using some part of a children's book; illustration, quote, etc.

So I decided to use a quote from J.R.R. Tolken's Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers.  Because it is this beautiful girls, favorite movie.
So I looked up quotes and found this one:

"There is some good in the world, and its worth fighting for."

Now as I look at it on the screen, I realize it is hard to read,
but in person, the wording is just lovely.
Interesting that it is showing up on here this way.  Hmmmm.....

This is off a Prima Package.  So beautiful.
I cut the triangles in different sizes and layered.
Instant banner.

Then I had gotten this kinda crazy idea to cut out a section
of the page and and her pic fit right in there.  So I distressed
it by tearing it and staining it and roughing it up with a sand
paper stick thingy, and
Voila!  I also haphazardly zigzagged around the edge.
And added a little marker at the bottom that I also
distressed up using Tim Holtz stain.

And here is more Prima packaging.
I mean seriously, so pretty.
I distressed it up with Tim Holtz stain, again =)
and used some Smooch Ink (do y'all remember that?)
I have some in gold and blue.  I used the gold and while
you can't really see it here, it is a lovely touch to this hexagon.
And yes the two left pieces are popped up.
Ya know, for interest and all.  =)
And a little bling in the center,
because I mean bling makes it all better, yes?

And then I distressed some lace, that I got at a garage sale over
the weekend =) and yep, used more Tim Holtz goodness.
This time in the form of a stamp pad.
And yes, more bling.

And here are those letters.
I distressed them up a little too.
Yep Tim.

I added Tim Holtz photo corners to this page, diagonal.
I roughed them up with my sanding stick thingy,
and then used Distress stain in Vintage Photo and Picket Fence.
I know.  Crazy right?  Who knew?
So fun and I loved the results.

So there we go, another challenge done.
And most importantly another picture and memory recorded.

I hope y'all have a.....

Blessed and Beautiful,
Crafty, Kind of Day ~~


  1. I love my Tolkien too, and I love all your details on this page - I have a stack of lace that I never know what to do with, but I love how your distressing makes it a lovely bit of texture without looking TOO lacey!

  2. What a phenomenal quote! I taught English for years and my favorite unit was the Tolkien/Hobbit unit. GOOD STUFF! Thanks for immortalizing something so beautiful and meaningful! I really liked what you did with the overlapping triangle banners, too. Well done!

  3. a wonderfully dimensional page full of interesting elements. love the banner and the lace especially. Love the quote and a great way to take the prompt

  4. There are soooo many wonderful elements on this page! We are immersed in all things Lord of the Rings right now so I'll have to share this page with the kiddos, too! Truly BEAUTIFUL page. Spot on for the photo, the sentiment and the genre!!!

  5. Such a beautiful page!! Love how you were able to upcycle the prima packaging and added some found lace!