Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Scrapping Style

Well hello there!!
I am SO glad that you have come by today.
I asked Bethany, our fearless leader,
over at the CKCB if I could do a post
all about Christmas Scrapbooking and how I prepare.

There are many options out there.
I feel like 2 really popular ones are
December Daily (DD)
Journal Your Christmas (JYC).
One year I tried to do a DD,
and last year I tried to do JYC.
Both years I had a hard time
completing the project.

I got overwhelmed doing daily LO's
and part of the problem with both years,
was not being prepared enough.

So this year,
I have gotten a jump on things,
and am going to do a combination of the two.
DD is a little too vague for me to really grasp,
and JYC is a little to detailed.
I found last year that it was really hard to keep up
with all the prompts. 
Lots of thinking involved 
and with my brain already so busy with 
all things Christmas, 
it just became so overwhelming.
So this year,
I'm taking a little more relaxed approach.
I will be reading Shimelle's prompts,
but I may not stick to every single days prompts,
in fact,
I know that I won't.
On those days I will take more of a DD approach,
and scrap what the events of that day were.
I hope that makes a modicum of sense.
It certainly makes sense in my head =)

So let me show you a little of the prep work that has been going on.
First of all,
I wanted to get some organization to my Christmas supplies.
I am currently enrolled in Gossamer Blue's Christmas
Class.  It was inexpensive and has given me
some great ideas and pointers.
So for a lot of my smaller pieces
I used some milk glass that I have.
I love it, and it rarely gets used.

I am using Crate Paper's Bundled Up collection
Basic Grey's 25th & Pine.
They go so well together and the little bits and bobs for both
are just darling.
This is not exclusively what I am using,
but it is the two main collections.

I am also putting my twine and wash
in milk glass.  It is so nice to have it all right at my fingertips.

Now I have changed this up a bit,
but I started using these little tins,
and then I have moved this flair to 
another old tin that is larger and has separate
compartments shaped with stars, hearts, etc.
that I picked up in a flea market for like $2.

I don't have a picture of how I am keeping my paper,
but I have a little stand up basket
that fits 12x12 paper well that I also got at
a flea market for $5.  
Double SCORE!!

The album I am using is a 6x12.
This is an unusual size,
but I really like this.
It makes my album feel special and unique to me,
and yes it is kind of an aqua blue and not a 
traditional green or red.
It has a 4x4 cut out window,
and I feel at times that these windows
are a little hard to navigate if you don't have a picture
to put in it,
but I really like these banner letters for the Bundled collection.
SO cute!!
And then the snow flakes are wood veneer
I know right? =)
and from the 25th & Pine collection.
See they just go splendidly together!!
Then these owls are from a collection from last 
year (can't remember which one),
but I love them SO much!!

Now I will show you a little base page prep that
I have been doing.
This is such a GREAT way to get prepared.
I am doing pages that leave room for pictures
and journaling,
but a lot of the decorating of the page
is complete.
I like that.
I'm hoping it helps me to not get overwhelmed this year =)

Look at these Thickers.
I do not remember which ones they are,
but I got them earlier in the year on a great sale
that Peachy Cheap was having on Thickers.
These are going to be GREAT in my album this year.

I am doing some detailing,
like these darling little heat embossed trees 
in silver.
Easy, fun and please,
how cute are these?

Now the above page is for my Manifesto that Shimelle always
starts with, but I didn't want that to be my day #1.
I wanted it to be my intro page.
So this is Day #1.
Simple, but there is still room for a title and …..

Some lovely hidden journaling.
Yep that back sheet pulls right up so I can include some journaling.
Sneaky aren't I =)

Now this page is what I am just calling an extra.
In the Gossamer Blue class
one of the suggestions was to have some extra pages made for those days
that, for whatever reason, you don't
get a page made.  
I thought this was a BRILLIANT idea.  
So this is one of those pages.
It is so pretty and will just be great to use for a filler.

These are some snowflakes that I punched out 
and then heat embossed in silver and gold.
I LOVE the look of these.
They are so sparkly on the page.

Now I am also doing some divided page protector pages 
as well.
Just to break it up a bit.

So there is just a few ideas for you.
I have other pages done, 
but the post would have been days long!!  =)

So what are y'all doing for Christmas scrapping
I'd love to know!!!  

If you'd like to do a DD/JYC type album,
I suggest getting started with a little prep now,
so that when December arrives 
with its full on schedule,
you will be ready.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 


  1. Love, Love, Love! Such a great take on these types of projects! And the album is beautiful! Thank you SO much for doing this post!

  2. Super cool album, I'm doing DD with the new Christmas Smash book. Have fun:)

  3. Very cool project. I've just started putting together a kit for My December Story over at Get It Scrapped. One can never be too far ahead!

  4. wow, this if fabulous! Your embellies are so well thought out and presented! Gorgeous..
    Love the colours you have chosen for your Dec Daily!!

    You must come and share it with us at 'Let's December Daily'!! Its perfect!

  5. This is so pretty. I'm using a kit from last year and mixing it up with the same products as you. They really do go together SO well. I hope you'll share as you create.

  6. I always say I am gonna do a December project but so far, have not jumped in yet! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I always say I am gonna do a December project but so far, have not jumped in yet! Thanks for the inspiration!