Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Bits Card Challenge

Well hello there…..
Challenge #3 is up over at the CKCB 
 to make a Card
from little bits and bobs
as I call them =)

So I need to tell y'all something…..
I am a cardaphobic.
I feel so completely rattled 
when I make them.
I have tried to over come this
and being on the design team
has really helped, 
because when I have just bits and pieces
I try to make some cards
to help finish up my kits.

But I ALWAYS have to have
a card to scrap lift.
Yes I am a mess.  
A cardaphobic…..mess =)

So for this challenge
I did what any 
card fearing scrapper does…..
go to Pinterest.
I checked out card after lovely card.
I mean seriously,
there are some talented card makers out there,
and I don't even think they hyperventilate
when they make them.
They are my card making heroes!

So this is the lovely I decided to lift.
I mean seriously,
this is an amazing card!!!

And here is my version.
I sifted through my stash
and found a package of plain post cards,
and got to crafting.

I'm so sorry for the picture quality.
Because of my cardaphobia, 
I waited until THE very last minute 
to make this card.
So no natural light coming in.
But lets roll with it,
shall we?

OOOO I love it!!!

Here is my version of the snowflake Christmas tree.
Sir Cuteness helped me make the Christmas tree.
He did the sequins and the star.
He loves helping me!!!

I really love this postcard so much,
and made it with the thought of making it
a lovely little hanging for Christmas.

Everytime I make a card
and do not need a paper bag to breathe
into, I consider it a win =)

This challenge was really fun…..
and challenging
and a win.  =)

Thank you SO much for stopping by.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 


  1. I love you used the word cardaphobic! That fits me to a tee, LOL! Don't know why as my analytic mind can move easily between 6x6, 8x8, 8 1/2x11, and 12x12 and never blink and eye. Give me a card to do and it's like mental block all over the place! Even a 6x6 card! You did a beautiful scraplift! Love your card! Now to try mine before the end of the month. I need three anyway to go with the Mini's since they are Christmas presents!

  2. How insane would a 12x12 size tree like that be?
    (Can I say I like yours better than the inspiration... :~)

  3. Loving that Christmas tree made from snowflakes - fab idea that I might be stealing ;)

  4. This is so gorgeous! I love the snowflake idea.Now all I need is a snowflake punch.P.S. I stress more about layouts than cards.

  5. Well, no one would know that you were a cardophobe. This is really great. Practice is the key. Glad you ended up with a card you love.