Thursday, November 14, 2013

CKC Design Team Style Swap Hop ..... It's on!!

Well hello there..... you should have hopped right over from our
fearless leaders Blog, the sweet Bethany.  Now let's see what I've
got up my sleeve.....

So back last month, Lisa had this WILD idea to swap styles with each other.
She sent out 20 questions.
Yes we play 20 questions on the design team =)
How fun is that?
I LOVE this team of ladies.
They are the sweetest, kindest, and funniest bunch around,
and I love them.

So we answered our 20 questions,
sent them back to sweet Lisa, 
and she worked her magic.

She proceeded to match us up with our opposite styled
partner.  When I got mine I was like,
"dude.  Could we be any more style different?"
So then came the challenging part of any challenge,
the doing.

So I thought and thought about my partners answers.
And just about every time I'd think of something "brilliant"
I'd refer back to the style of my partner and nope, not on 
the list.  It was proving to be a little tougher than I thought.
You see, I kept reverting back to my own style.
Yep this was going to take concentration.
I don't rock at that.
Just sayin'
But determined NOT to let Lisa and the team down,
I rolled up the proverbial sleeves and got to work. 

So here in this post I'm going show you a LO I did in my style,
and then one in my partners.  And yep they are worlds apart.
But I have LOVED every minute of this challenge!!  

So I am a single LO kind of girl.....
Usually 1 picture maybe 2.....
Lots of embellies scattered to and fro.....
Lots of mists, paints, inks.....
I am messy.

My swap partner however, is not.
She is clean and organised and wow this
was a challenge.

But here is my 2-page spread.
I think this is the first actual one I've done.
I've done two pages very similar to one
another, but never one spread across to include
more pictures of same event complete with
journaling about said event.
Yes indeed, now this was eventful =)
Because of the events of the day, 
this made for a perfect 2-pager.
There are a total of 8, 
count 'em 8 pictures on two pages.
Yep this has to be some kind of a record
for me.

I spread my title across two pages.

And then the journaling.
This gave me ALL kinds of fits.
I am so used to just hand writing my
journaling, but my SP (swap partner =) 
types it all out and in different fonts no doubt.
She is a rock star I tell you,
and one of my new scrapping heroes,
because that is hard work.
Its tough to make all that work,
and make sense,
and be coherent.
She's awesome!!
And this journaling business has given me a possible
idea of who I got.
More on that later.....

So in the end,
I really like this LO.
I LOVE the story of this day,
and I'm so very very glad to have
it on a 2-page LO.

I did just want to say, that after I typed all my journaling,
cut it out, and was placing it on the page, I realized
I just couldn't get it all on there cohesively which meant
I had to leave some of it out.
SO..... this is where I veered, ever so slightly from my
SP style.  I had wrote the rest of my journaling on a 
separate tag that I will tuck behind my LO and just let this
sweet little brad hang over the top, so we'll know there is
more to read here.  I thought that was an acceptable solution
to my journaling woes.  

Now here is my LO in my style.
Lots of mists and layers and mixing up my title
with that washi strewned heart.  

Lots of banners and stamping and mists 
and a little journaling.
And more washi.

And lots of layers.....
and colors.....
and a whale.
I mean c'mon.....
Whimsy people.
I dig me some whimsy!!

And then just for good measure
(and because its the way I roll)
I used a heart punch and punched out 3 hearts,
and then added a little PP from the same 6x6 PP pack
and slipped it right in behind the hearts.
Oh yes.

There you have it..... my girl, a fish, a whale and washi.
I mean please, what more could you possibly
ask for =)

And since my SP LO was a 2 pager, 
I thought I'd show you 2 of my own style pages.
This one isn't done, but it so readily depicts my
style to a "T" or a "W" in this case =)

This W I had cut out for a wreath that hangs
on the studio door, but this one wasn't quite the
right color, so it was an extra.  
So I used it on a LO with me and my Mister.
I wanted to include this unfinished LO because it is
exactly the way I scrap.
Big or repeating elements.....
A coffee stained masking ring,
mists, sewing..... yep all of this is right up my alley.

So I hope you are enjoying this hoppity hop
and please now hop on over to the beautiful Jemma's
blog and see how she got along with her challenge.

And in case you get lost along the way:

Counterfeit Kit Challenge: 

Thanks for hopping by.....
Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 

Oh and I almost forgot:
I think my SP is Angela
Let's see if I'm right  =)


  1. Fabulous post and superb layouts and wow that style is certainly different to yours - well done!!!
    You got it right too :)

  2. Ohhhh what a little journey I went on with this! you certainly are polar ends of the scrapping world! But you rocked both yours and your secret partners style very well!

  3. wow Dawn - you did ace, and you and I are so totally opposite.
    well done.

  4. You ROCKED this girlfriend and you are spot on! Two pagers ARE hard. So much to coordinate, but you did it beautifully. And as for that whale? He's whimsy out the wazoo! Love me some whimsy!

  5. You did a fantastic job on the layout and I just love your own style too

  6. Yup , having seen Angela's post I would say that you got it right - glad I didn't get you ... FAR to messy! Lovely results all around though - great pages.

  7. I have to say I think you got Angela! What a fun challenge! And I love the one you did in your own style, too!

  8. wow - amazing pages Dawn!! I love the 2 pager you made for the swap, but I really really LOVE the page you made in your own style. Those bright, vibrant colors really pop!

  9. Love me some whimsy too! You really threw yourself into this challenge - love it! The two pager looks totally natural for you. Your layers and whale (!) are wonderful. You are so very sweet.

  10. Awesome job with the challenge. I love that you threw yourself into it completely!