Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Memories

Good Friday to you!!
I hope your holiday season
is going splendidly.

Today over at the CKCB
I am up with a challenge.
My challenge to you
 is to do a favorite
Christmas memory page.

We only have a very few pictures
of our childhood,
so that makes the ones that we do 
have very very special.

This particular one is very dear to my heart.
This is from left to right:
me, my baby sis Dena and my little sister Dana
(18 months younger than me).
This picture is made all the more dear,
because my sister Dana is in heaven.
She went to be with Jesus when she was 18,
so every picture we have of her is quite dear to us.

The story I tell here in my JYC2013 is of that
faux fireplace in the background.
Cardboard fireplaces (chimney's as I call them)
were all the rage in 1974 =)
There were complete with mantel and faux fire.
It was just part of our Christmas back then.
Wouldn't have felt like Christmas to us without it.

Where I was looking through the slim pickens of photos =)
I found this gem of my older sister and brother
sitting on santa's lap.
It is such a sweet photo,
and my sister Rhonda looks so much like my mom.

The the other picture is of me and my dear Dak.
It is one of my fav pictures. 
He was about 10,
and just loved his mama to bits.
Still does.

Here is our faux chimney (fireplace)
complete page.
Isn't this Crate Paper Bundled Up line
perfect for Christmas past LO's?
Love it!

And my little photo bomber and his dirty little sock
is back.
Your welcome.

How sweet is the smile on my brother's face.
Love him.

These pages make me want to cry;
in a good and nostalgic way.
Ahhh.....the memories.

Thank you so much for stopping by
sharing in these very special memory pages.
And do please link up over at CKCB
your own special memory pages.
I'd love to share in yours as well.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 


  1. Thank you for sharing your precious memories x

  2. Oooooo...aaaaaa... Adore your pages!
    You are really getting your nostalgia on, gf <3