Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Procrastinating....Just a little =)

One of the challenges over at the CKCB this
month is to document the details
of the season. 

Well one of the details this month 
for us has been snow.
And lots of it.
And more to come,
or so we understand.

Well, when it snows around here,
because of where we live,
you need to make sure you have 
plenty of supplies for several days,
because if it gets very bad,
our roads are an absolute mess,
and you go no where.

So on this particular day,
I kept saying I needed to get to the store.
I need to go to the store.
Hey, I thought you were going to the store?
That's kind of the convo for the day.

Yep I was procrastinating.
I did make it.
We did get lots of snow.
And it made for a cute page.

So I decided that I'd do this page on 
a slight aqua and snowy blue background paper.
I misted some snowflakes in white,
and then added them on top.
It made for an eye-popping

As you can see
my "t"s are different
but it works so well in this title,
and this is one of my favorite things to do to
mix it up.

Lots of snowflakes
in lots of different elements.
I heart these sweet fabric covered brads.

I had a little photo bomber.
Meet Freddy =)

And then I want to point out my journaling.
I kept it really simple,
but I want to draw attention to the fact that
I COMPLETELY misspelled "trying",
but I just left it and moved on.
I knew because of the white Scripto
on black chalkboard,
 there was gonna be no fixing it.
Yep, I moved right on.
I point this out
to be an encouragement to you.
It doesn't have to all be perfect
to be wonderful.

And here is little Freddy the photo bomber.
And my dear Sir Cuteness.
So Sweet!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

I hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 


  1. I adore all those pretty snowflakes :)

  2. I love that you captured this moment, and so beautifully,
    and Freddy's photobomb is wonderful - almost as cute as Sir Cuteness!
    The white spritz looks FAB & I applaud you leaving the typo in - story told, moving on...

  3. Gorgeous layout Dawn.Love the teddy and your son.

  4. glad you captured that moment! love the layout