Tuesday, December 3, 2013

JYC Party Planning

Today's prompt for JYC was all about
the parties we throw.
I had to think about this a little bit,
because I do not consider what we do
throwing a party,
but I guess it really is.
We always call it "getting together".  
Ha Ha!!

So today I really thought about how
we will "party" this year.
With the popularity of Pinterest,
and my own deep love for all things
I thought how fun it would be if
 a lot of our decor, dishes
and desserts were from Pinterest.
And of course, I am documenting 
this process.

I am absolutely loving this process.
I am so glad that I did some pre-planning this year.
It works for me =)
It makes adding titling and journaling 
so much easier.
Then I can just add my bits and bobs
and BOOM!!
Page complete.

I have had these straws for some time,
but what in the world do you do with 
straws but drink through them I ask you?
Well I was intrigued,
and have seen the uber talented
Ashli Oliver use them,
and so I decided I'd give it a go.
I mean I did buy them,
on a whim,
I might add.
here they are dolling up my page.
I love.
Wish I wasn't such a crafty fraidy cat.
I'm cool like that =)

Since my Heidi Swapp mini file worked so well yesterday
I tried it again,
with splendid results.
That vintage black/gray damask folder
and then I added that smaller red
file bit on top.

Speaking of afore mentioned mini file,
I tore this red beaut 
right out of my Heidi Swapp Christmas Album thingy.
The file albums really are adorable,
but I knew with doing this album,
I wouldn't need to do two,
so I decided to use it in this one,
and I am LOVING the results~~

So open this bad boy up,
and I have another little file folder from
afore mentioned Christmas album =)
Now since I tore it out of the original album,
it had the perforated edge,
but was in two pieces.

I scored right on the line between the red striped
edge and the green hounds tooth.
Then I sewed between the scored line
and the perforated edge.
I zigged and zagged and

Then you open this sweet little beaut up
and because of those score lines it opens up nicely,
and because of the sewing it stays together nicely.
That's a plus =)

So in this little folder within a folder I will be
putting what I actually end up making from Pinterest.

And on the inside front cover of the original,
larger folder, I am putting in pictures from Pinterest,
a sort of mood board if you will.
I'll keep ya posted.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your holiday season.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~


  1. You are having too much fun, girlfriend! It's looking FAB :~D

  2. Those straws work well and the red/black & white page is striking.Enjoying it by looks of things.

  3. wow Dawn, this is beautiful! Off to work on my JYC album now ...