Saturday, January 18, 2014

PL Week #2 -- Documenting

I hope y'all are doing splendidly.

I wanted to show you my PL Week 2 spread,
and also have a wee bit of a discussion
on something I've seen on a message board.

First off,
I only took 2 pics of my spread this week.
And as I'm looking at this one,
remembered that I am missing a photo.
double lame.
The reason for this 
is because I put this page together 
and forgot about my title bit 
there in the corner.
So put that together
and then went to put it all in their sleeves
and had lost this picture.
because it was right there with my other pics.

Well I looked everywhere I could think of,
and it still has not shown up.
So I reprinted and now this sleeve is not blank,
but I still haven't found this pic.

I think the studio fairies ate it.
moving on.....

I used bits and bobs from my January CKC kit
on this spread.
I love having my little blue box full of CKC goodness
that has come straight from my stash.
Yes folks, it rocks.
If you don't know what I'm talking about follow the link 
right up there
and check it out.  
It is fantastic!!

So on this page you see my title card 
in the corner with "Wk2" in white sparkly Thickers.
I'm gonna milk these stickers for all they are worth,
and then hopefully find some equally cool ones
to continue my PL this year.  
I like the continuity using a similar title
gives to the overall album, 
makes it come together, if you will.

Sir Cuteness being my personal stylist,
and snow boarding.

Then the two written pics you see there
are memory verses I've been working on.
They are my yearly Verse Isaiah 26:3
and my January 1 Verse, Psalm 32:7.
This will be a regular feature in my albums.
Then the bottom right is from my first ever
Persnickety Prints order,
which is also the missing picture.

Then here is page two of WK2.
Now I want to address something I saw 
on a message board,
where a lady asked if everyone documents 
only the good of the week
or if people document the challenging
or not so good too.

For me, 
I document both,
and the reason is 
that life is not perfect.
I want to be transparent here.
I deal with a lot of health issues,
but my God is able.

Sometimes these health issues
disrupt our weeks.
We deal with them
and move on.
I try not to dwell in the land of pain.
It's not pretty there.
So we deal with it as it comes.
It is part of our weeks
a lot of times.

So on this spread we have both.
Some good
some not so good.
Just keeping it real.

In the top right, 
I got to hang out with my girl
this week.
It made me SO HAPPY!!

And top right,
our winter has been winter this year.
In MO, we definitely get a mixed
but this year winter has NOT disappointed.
And because of that,
our dear Sir Cuteness has been home a lot.
For two weeks, he was home more than
he went to school.  
When he was littler and it was just
him and I
(before the preschool days)
he would have sink play.
Yes I know this may sound kinda strange,
but he LOVED
(and still does apparently) =)
to play in the sink.
He gets the soap out,
and the scrub brush
and here the dish gloves
and goes to town.

He gets himself and everything around
him a wet mess,
but I don't mind.
It makes him so happy,
and I get a clean sink
out of the deal.
Win-Win =)

More of the Persnickety Prints goodness,
and then here is where the
not-so-good comes in.
On Sunday of this particular week, 
my herniated disc started acting up.
I mean like shooting pain down my 
arm and seriously hindering everything.
It was hard to sit, stand, lay.....
Nothing seemed to help.
So my sweet man
went out in blizzard conditions
to get me a sling.  
Seriously so sweet.
So here I am,
bottom right,
hanging out
with no make up,
a tossled mess of hair,
and my sling.
It has been very painful.
But it is now starting to get better.
I'm so thankful.

So yes,
I document our week,
even the things that don't go 
just right.
I really want my PL to reflect our 
Our everyday,
loving Jesus
living life,
It is important to me.

Thank you for stopping by 
and keeping up with a really wordy post =)

I am linking up with Sami
right here.

I hope you have a.....

Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of day ~~ 


  1. Great post. I sometimes document the bad too - but I don't usually share details online. I also try not to document it until I have some distance - I like to think I am an optomist, and things always looks better when a little time has passed. I hope you feel better soon, and a little craft therapy always helps, right?

  2. Super cute post :) the layouts look great :)

  3. Great layouts. I too document the the "good, the bad, the ugly"! It's all part of life!

  4. Great post Dawn - I think if you're doing PL it has to be everything that life throws at you (and how you cope with it). Whether that's something you have on the front of a card or on a pull-out tag is up to you, but I think it needs to be there. We already look back with rose-tinted spectacles without hiding the truth at the time. Also I think it's worth celebrating how people overcome/cope with adversity ... and you have to admit it exists to celebrate that!

  5. Yeah...that's life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for sharing and giving others the courage to do the same.