Friday, January 3, 2014

January CKCB Kit

It is the beginning of a new year
a new month,
so that means a new kit
needs to be counterfeited 
from over at the CKCB.  

This month the kit is Hip2bsquare December

And an embellishment kit from Oh Deer Me.
Seriously, how cute is this kit?

So this year 
I will be formulating my kits 
a little bit differently.
I love my 12x12's.
I need to count how many pages I did in 2013,
but I have 2 FULL 12x12 albums + a mini or two,
plus other projects.
Yes, I was a busy girl,
but it didn't really seem like it,
because I just stinkin' love it SO much!!

Well for Christmas my Mr. Winslow
bought me a Project Life Core Kit
and album.
 i love it SO much!!
I have been working on it,
and it is so easy and fun and comes
together so quickly.
I didn't really think I would like it,
but decided to give it a go,
and he was more than happy to get me
a kit for Christmas!
He is so great like that!!

So my kits this year will consist of papers 
for 12x12's but also for PL.
I won't just be using a core kit,
of course,
because you know how I roll.
I would of course find scrapping out of a core
kit all the time boring.
No offense to the core kit.
I mean they are lovely and all,
but sometimes a girl just needs 
a little bling and different color.
Am I right?

So without further ado (your welcome)  =)
I present
A New Year, A New You
Too cheesy?
Perhaps, but I'm all about cheese 
especially Feta,
but that is another story for another day.
Onto the kit.....

Here are the papers for both PL
and my regular 12x12's.
I will get this all sorted out, but for now
because all is not sorted,
I will just show you this big kahuna
of a kit.

The other sides of those 
gorgeous papers.....

And then here are my lovely PL cut a parts.  
Oh Maggie and your cameras.
She's my SB BFF ya know.
Yeah, we're tight.

Ok, so the obvious elephant in the room
are these pictures.
Yes I took them in a hurry last night.
NOT a good idea,
but I had some time to scrap and really
wanted to "break open" my kit, 
but really needed to take these pics,
so I did it in a hurry.
So sorry.

Check out these stickers.
These will go so nicely in my PL this month.
Yes there is some Maggie running around in there.
Have you seen the sneaks of her new collection?
Oh swoony swoon!!!

And the embellies.
Yeah tried to dress this pic up a bit.
Yeah, didn't work so good.

Ok, so ya know the embellie kit had those 
HUGE wood veneer numbers in it?
Well I didn't have those, 
but seriously, look at that doggie.
How cute is he?
And the hashtag,
yes I know it could also be a number symbol,
in fact, that's all it used to be,
but now it is the beloved hashtag.
Thank you Instagram.

So there you have it,
bad pictures and all.

I have been feverishly working on my PL,
and will hopefully take some decent pics soon,
showing a little of what has been going on in that corner
of my world.
I am really loving it!!

Thanks for stopping by
have a Blessed and Beautiful,
Krafty, Kind of Day ~~ 


  1. Wow Dawn it is a big Kahuna of a kit.I like all the elements immensely.How nice of Mr Winslow to support your habit too. :)

  2. Super cute kit Dawn and like that there is another doing PL (congrats for that awesome Christmas Gift) I do it as well and want to incorporate my kit in with my PL too, your right just working iut a kit can get boring. I got the cinnamon kit for Christmas and looking forward to adding it with the rest of my kit. Have fun with yours :)

  3. What a big kit! Love all the colors in this. On the the back of my layouts I number them with the year. I don't scrap in order and I also scrap for my guys and this way they have some idea of when I made that page for them.

  4. A greta kiy, love those wooden bits :)

  5. *applause* So glad I get to hear your "voice" this month :~)

  6. Such a lovely kit. And I do that too...take pictures in a hurry because I just can't wait for good lighting to play! ;-) I will be watching for your PL pages as inspiration.

  7. This is a FAB kit. I wish I had thought to show the B side of my papers too. I ended up using that side of them. Oh well. Love all of your stuff!