Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 More LO's for November CKC ~~ YAY!!!

So, have I mentioned how much I have LOVED my November kit?
I mean seriously.....
this has probably been my favorite so far!

Well, I have 2 more LO's to add to the plethora of LO's this month.
So productive =)  YAY!!!

So here is our precious Sir Cuteness.
He is our four year old grandbabe that LOVES to fish.
I mean L-O-V-E-S to fish!!
This pic is of our recent fishing trip on a day PaPa took off just to hang with us.
It was a splendid day.
He has the BEST PaPa.....
I have the BEST Husband.....

So on this page I decided to use my new Perfect Pearls.
(Yes I do realize PP is NOT new, only new to me, but I LOVE IT!!)
It gave this page a very artsy feel.
That plaid paper was some of my scraps that I had already punched circles
out of, so I just used the negative portion and added circles to it.
I love using things that I used to would have thrown away.
Stretch that stash, I say =)
Anyway, after some title work, washi tape, and some pen action
I called it good.

Then on this page, this pic taken the same day.
I did two different finishes on the same pic and added both to this LO.
This is a fav technique of mine.
So much visual interest.

Then the title, Oh the title!
Back when I was just really getting into paper crafting love,
and well before I had a studio 
(thank you my fabulous hubby!)
I found a stack of chipboard letters on sale for $5.00!
And by stack, I mean a ginourmous stack I am still using today!
I really didn't know what I was getting =)
Well, I got them home and started playing with them, 
and soon became overwhelmed and frustrated,
(they are NOT self adhesive).
Well once I finally figured out the best way to adhere,
I love them!
One of the things I love most is that you can sand them
and give them this great vintage "old" look to them.
And on this page it is the perfect title.
I added some leaf brads that I had in my stash.
Some bling that I got in the $1 bin at Wal-Mart,
(yes that is possible)
some twiney love in the form of the curvy line
and circles (another fav technique =).
Added journaling and ribbon and

WOW!!  I have gotten so much use out of this kit.
In fact, I may be out of 12x12's on this one.
I've never used a kit quite this thoroughly!
I may do an add on of paper and keep going as I have a 
fun day at the Pumpkin Patch still to scrap from this fall,
but I find myself elbows deep in Christmas!!
How fun!!!

I'm getting my JYC ready
and having SO much fun doing that.

But I may get to one of two more LO's before I call this done.
I hope.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful, Crafty Kind of day ~~


  1. How exciting to see you fly through your kit!!! Way to go on the layouts!

  2. Well you've been busy. Perhaps next time you could make the photos larger so we can see the pretty details better. Scrap on!

  3. some kits are just the bomb aren't they! All my kits are great but some just shine! Glad to hear that your November kit is proving so great for you - super layouts!

  4. Great job - It's awesome when you can get through an entire kit!